Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 33: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weight: 150 pounds

Symptoms: insomnia, acid/heartburn, back and hip pain, edema (ankles and calves), extreme exhaustion, frequent urination
Mood: exhausted, motivated
Watching: Breaking Bad, season 3
Listening to: 80s on 8 (channel 8 on XM Radio)

Despite not having had a good night's sleep in weeks, a wave of motivation hit me today. As I was sitting at my desk, trying to concentrate on my work, I felt Torin making some major changes in his position. He was on the go pretty much all afternoon. Now that I feel his hiccups in my upper abdomen rather than in my crotch, I am guessing that he has flipped from a head-down position to a breech position. That's okay, though--we still have several weeks during which he could flip back to the "correct" position. But today, I felt...weird. I began having strange lower-back pains, and I became increasingly irritable. I'm not sure whether it's my body or my imagination trying to tell me something.

Regardless of Torin's current position, I decided that I need to forget the fact that I am so astoundingly tired and forge ahead with preparations for his arrival. So, when I got home from work today, I started my first loads of baby laundry: playard mattress covers, my Boppy cover, changing pad covers, burp cloths, and a couple of swaddling blankets. Next, I'll wash some of his little clothes and socks and begin organizing his dresser. Better late than never, right?

With each passing day, I long a little bit more for my son to finally be in my arms. In a few short weeks, I'll finally get my wish.