Monday, May 30, 2011

Sea legs.

Today was Torin's first Memorial Day, and we spent most of it Andrew, Jennifer, and Preston's house, along with our friend Sarah C. and her lovely daughter, Hannah. Andrew and Jennifer set up the kiddie pool for Preston and Hannah, and we thought this would be a good opportunity for Torin to get in his first swim.

He did very well, merrily kicking his legs like he does in the bathtub! Of course, he was only in the water for a couple of minutes, but he was mesmerized by the moving water and the splashes his pals were making. More than anything, he wanted to put the pool toys in his mouth--after all, he is teething.

Our Pookie has so many more firsts in store for himself in the coming months. I'm sure this will be one of our best summers ever!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another milestone!

As of tonight, it is finally official: We have a crawler!

We knew it was coming. Torin had been "army crawling" for a couple of weeks, and within the past few days, he had been working on coordinating his leg movements with his arm movements.

I'd post some pictures or a video, but my phone was stolen today while we were at the Dallas Comic Con, so I couldn't capture any media that is easy to upload. I did catch the first crawling episode with our real camcorder, so I hope to upload that footage soon.

Oh, and Torin is still pulling himself up to standing and is very proud of himself every time he does it. But of course, his mommy and daddy are quite proud, too.

This parenting thing brings with it a certain type of pride I've never before experienced. Here's to many, many more days--and years--filled with such pride.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The first stand.

Well, it happened tonight. At just over 7 months of age, Torin has skipped crawling and has pulled himself to standing:

I was trying to upload the video here, but it doesn't seem to be working. Nonetheless, Joey and I are two proud parents tonight. Not that we ever aren't!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My first Mother's Day.

To commemorate the big day, Torin and his daddy got me this adorable card shaped like a bib:

The inside reads, "Happiest Mother's Day wishes to a very special new mom. Enjoy every minute of it!"

Unfortunately, beyond that, we didn't end up doing anything for my first Mother's Day. Although I didn't receive a gift or a nice meal or some other such gesture, I will always appreciate my sweet boy. I see him grow up just a little bit more each day. In fact, we installed his big-boy car seats in each of our cars today:

Yep, that's a Recaro seat--the same company that makes awesome race car seats! Torin loves his new seats and is ready to rule the road. I'm ready for the ride--I think.

If I can be a loving, caring mother to my Pookie, that's the best Mother's Day gift I could ever give myself.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stranger Danger!

Well, it has officially begun. Torin is now scared of people he doesn't know. Gone are the halcyon days in which he would beam while anyone held him. Now he sticks out his bottom lip and wails until Mommy or Daddy takes him back. Our poor friend Sarah C. was the first to experience this, last night. It's unfortunate that it started with her; she's been one of Torin's biggest admirers, although she rarely sees him.

In better news, our Pookie is finally sitting up unassisted (if only for a few seconds or a minute or so at a time). Once we hone this skill a bit more, we can finally introduce him to his convertible car seat and the world of shopping cart seats and restaurant highchairs.

Everything is happening so slowly, it seems, but I know I'll reflect upon this time later on and realize just how quickly Pookie is growing up.