Saturday, November 12, 2011

The harvest is upon us once again...

Halloween 2011 saw no trick-or-treating for us (maybe beginning next year), but we did witness the cutest little vampire baby one could ever imagine. Mom and Dad were the ones who really got the "treats." Of course, Pookie is never not adorable.

A couple of days before Halloween, we took Pookie for his first pumpkin patch visit. We went to Hall's Pumpkin Farm in Grapevine. He had the best time crawling around among the pumpkins:

He also got to sit on a tractor for the very first time (there will be many more times, if Dad has any say in the matter):

In all, we've been having a fun fall so far. Grandpa Brian has come to visit once, and he'll be back for Thanksgiving. Also, Pookie has been toddling about, getting better and better at walking on his own. What's more, he seems to have gotten more reprieves from illness lately, having had only an ear infection within the past few weeks. (Knock on proverbial wood!)

We've also made progress on his eating issues, as he is now eating Goldfish, Cheerios, wheat bread, and other small items. He'll be moving up to the next class in his daycare soon, so we're hoping he progresses to other table foods very soon.

Just as with last autumn, this one is filled with thanks for a happy, healthy, beautiful boy. We couldn't be more proud and grateful.