Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Sunday Funday--without the alcohol.

So we took the car seat, stroller, and adapter to the store, and yep--we were doing it correctly. It just seems strange that the car seat is secured to the stroller by only a strap. Hmmm. Okay...

I just finished writing my thank-you notes for the gifts we received at the baby shower. I feel sort of bad because general etiquette states that you should sent out the thank-yous no more than two weeks after the event. Well, it will be two weeks and two days before I get the notes in the mail. I hope no one is thinking I'm ungrateful because he or she hasn't received a note from me yet. I am far from ungrateful! In fact, every time I'm in Torin's nursery, I am overcome with gratitude for all that's in there, most of which was given to us by very kind, thoughtful friends and family members.

Joey is grilling hamburgers this evening, and we're going to kick it in front of the television. A new episode of True Blood airs tonight, and we have Breaking Bad episodes to catch up on. This mommy-to-be can't wait to vegetate.