Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 32: Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weight: 147 pounds

Symptoms: extreme fatigue, exhaustion, edema (ankles and calves), acid reflux/heartburn, back and rib pain, insomnia
Mood: nervous, disappointed
Watching: Breaking Bad, season 2
Reading: My World by Margaret Wise Brown

The road trip to South Texas went well--better than I had expected. I managed the long hours in the car just fine. Every now and then I would nod off for a few minutes--which is new for me, considering how I've never been able to sleep in a moving car before--and then I would be refreshed. I got out of the car and stretched periodically, and I kept my right foot elevated on the dashboard to alleviate the swelling (my left foot is still in the "robo-boot").

While we were in the Victoria area, we got to pay long-overdue visits to friends and family members. And, importantly, I finally got to go to T-N-T and eat a real breakfast taco again:

You see, Dallas, this is what a breakfast taco should look like. Suck it.

Trips away from home make me realize how much I dislike Dallas, hence my disappointed mood. Other places have much more to offer, it seems, in terms of scenery, entertainment, dining, hospitality, and overall quality of life. I hope that Torin gets to experience life outside of this miserable sinkhole in North Texas.

I'm also disappointed in myself. Even though we've made progress on Torin's nursery, we still have a long way to go. There are still so many must-have items that I need to buy, such as sheets for the playard bassinet Torin will initially be sleeping in, bottles, diapers, burp cloths, and sundry other items. I am so...unorganized and scattered and unprepared. If Torin were to arrive today, we'd be screwed.

I guess the previous paragraph also explains my nervous mood as well.

For now, I'll continue to choke down water, so as to stay hydrated in the incessant triple-digit heat, and hope that this supposed "nesting instinct" kicks in sometime soon.