Friday, August 13, 2010


This evening, we're about to embark on our last road trip before our life with Torin begins. We're headed down to South Texas, specifically, the Victoria area. We're going to see some friends and Joey's family, and we're going to enjoy being away from the city one last time for a good while. I'm not particularly looking forward to the facing the humidity, but I am eager to see palm trees and eat real breakfast tacos, among other things.

I'm curious to see how I hold up during this road trip. With my aching back and my swollen feet and calves, I hope I am able to withstand being in the car for a few hours.

My doctor advised me that I cannot travel past week 32, so here we are, at the last minute, packing our stuff in the car. I hope Torin doesn't inherit our procrastination!