Sunday, August 29, 2010


It never occurred to me just how difficult it could be to pack a diaper bag. I've been a bundle of nerves, scouring the Internet and trying to find THE definitive list of diaper bag essentials. Luckily, most lists I've found contain many of the same items, so my tensions have been eased a bit in that regard.

But then there's the hospital bag for Mommy. What goes in it? Everyone has a different opinion: You definitely need your Boppy. No, leave the Boppy at home. I would have died without my night gown. Don't bring a gown--it'll just get ruined. Bring tons of diapers and wipes! No, the hospital will provide you with diapers and wipes.

You see where I'm going?

I bought some new soft and sporty slippers, two nursing camisoles, one pair of comfy yoga-ish pants, a light robe, and some cheap and spacious underwear last night. I know I'll pack those. But will they fit in six weeks? Let's hope so. I also bought some travel toiletries at the store today, as well as some mega-ultra-extreme maxi pads and lanolin.

And then I need to include items for Joey: his toiletries, money for snacks, some clean clothes, a pillow and some sheets for the fold-out sofa bed, the fancy camera...

I guess Mommy will be bringing her rolling carry-on luggage bag to the hospital.