Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend wrap-up.

We had a good time at the Lady Gaga concert on Friday, regardless of the fact that our seats were much worse than I had imagined. We could have taken a ceiling tile home with us as a memento. Oh, well, at least she sounded good, even if we couldn't really see her. Torin either really liked the concert or really hated it--he was active almost the entire time!

In the usual fashion, this weekend has gotten away from me. With my injured foot (for which I am seeing an orthopedic specialist tomorrow), I haven't been able to do much of anything around the house. I really need to move my clothes from the nursery closet into another closet, but my aching, swollen foot has impeded any progress I might have made in that regard.

And as if I'm not busy enough already, I have taken on a freelance editing assignment. I'll be helping an RN with her texts on narrative medicine and healing through poetry. It's interesting work, to be sure, and I look forward to including this experience on my resume and curriculum vitae. I just wonder when I am going to have time to rest and get the house ready for Torin. What have I gotten myself into?