Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our last independent Independence Day.

Today is the Fourth of July. Joey and I have spent most of the weekend roaming around town, shopping and dining. It's so refreshing to have three and a half days off work; my growing body needs all the time it can get to rest and rejuvenate. I don't really have the strength to do much of anything right now, especially since it seems that I have somehow injured my left foot and am coming down with a sinus infection.

I can't help but wonder how Independence Day will be next year. Will our son be old enough, at nearly nine months, to enjoy fireworks? Will we be spending the holiday outside, perhaps by a pool and/or a barbecue pit? What sort of adorable red, white, and blue outfit will I dress our son in? Will he be standing on his own by then, and getting close to taking his first steps?

The holidays will be forever different for me and Joey. I hope that as a family, our festivities are more exciting and more memorable than they've ever been. Our boy will add a much-needed depth to our celebrations, no doubt.