Thursday, July 8, 2010

School's in session.

Our first of three childbirth preparation classes went off without a hitch last night. As much as I've read and researched so far, I think I still stand to learn quite a bit from these sessions. Last night we learned about the signs of labor, the benefits of donating the baby's umbilical cord blood (which we will do), and what happens at the hospital upon admission.

Also, we got to take a tour of the Labor and Delivery department, where we saw some newborns in the nursery. We also saw a room that looks just like the one we'll be in after the baby arrives:

I didn't take that picture; it's from the hospital's Web site, but you get the idea. It's not your average hospital room. The sofa even turns into a small bed for Joey to sleep on (however, the cushions are stained, so we'll need to bring a bed sheet for him).

Our instructor, Allison, is a Labor and Delivery RN who obviously loves her job and gushes enthusiasm and positivity. I really hope she is on duty when I'm in labor. I need her and other nurses like her to help me through this ordeal!

In all, it was quite overwhelming to watch videos of childbirth and learn about everything that will be happening to my body just before our son arrives. I am completely filled to the gills with a cocktail of fear, hope, curiosity, and more fear. I mean, once my body recovers, will I be a good mother? Will Joey be a good dad? Will my son be able to detect my fear? These and a hundred other questions keep firing off in my head.

I could sense that many of the other couples in the room were having the same thoughts. All of us must look wide eyed and terrified to the instructor. After all, this is probably the mother of all life-changing events for couples like us (pun intended).

I guess the reality finally hit me last night: This baby has to come out at some point, and I'd better learn how to cope!