Friday, July 9, 2010

A three-hour test. A three-hour test.

Today's three-hour glucose test went well (I hope). There's nothing quite like the taste of 100-g glucose solution first thing in the morning. It reminded me of a flat Sprite soda.

Throughout the morning, I was checking my blood sugar levels with Joey's meter so that I could assess whether I'd be likely to pass this test. Here were my plasma readings, with normal values in parentheses:

Fasting: 85 mg/dL (less than 95 mg/dL)
One hour: 168 mg/dL (less than 180 mg/dL)
Two hours: 155 mg/dL (less than 155 mg/dL)
Three hours: 114 mg/dL (less than 140 mg/dL)

By these numbers, I should be fine, with the exception of the two-hour reading--it's right on the borderline. Our readings can differ from the lab results by 20%, so there is some uncertainty there. I guess will find out for sure next week.

I didn't feel as bad during this test as I thought I would. I thought maybe I'd feel nauseated and sweaty, but I didn't have any problems. Joey slept most of the time, and I surfed the Internet on my laptop. It wasn't the worst medical experience of my life, to be sure.

However, afterward, we went to eat lunch at Chuy's, and before we sat down, I began feeling the effects of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. I know this feeling, as I've had pancreatic problems before. I checked my blood sugar with Joey's meter: It was down to 38 mg/dL! Just a few more points lower, and I would have passed out. Luckily, we were seated right then, and I was able to boost my sugar level with Dr Pepper and some of Joey's sugar pills. It was quite the scare! Afterward, I called the doctor's office to let them know what happened, and I asked if this episode could have harmed the baby. I was assured that all is fine.

Needless to say, I did feel bad after all of these ups and downs with my blood sugar, so I came home and napped. I still have a bit of a residual headache right now, but I think my baby and I will be just fine.