Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 36: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weight: 155 pounds

Symptoms: insomnia, acid reflux/heartburn, frequent urination, rib pain, back pain, edema (ankles, feet, and calves), extreme fatigue, some food aversions, pica
Mood: nervous, restless
Watching: Modern Family, season one
Reading: What to Expect and Dr. Seuss

I've pre-ordered a better phone, partly so that I can take better photos. I might not get it in time for Torin's birthday, but I can at least take comfort in knowing that my days of taking bad pictures like this one are coming to an end.

I'm still reeling from yesterday's news. I am trying to convince my boss that my last day at work should be this coming Friday. However, I have a feeling it will be more like Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Within the past week or so, a new and bizarre pregnancy symptom has appeared: pica. Pica is a condition in which a person craves non-food items such as ice, dirt, chalk, clay, laundry detergent, or various other such substances. For me, the craving is ice and laundry detergent (the powder kind, not the liquid). I've been satiating the ice craving with trips to Sonic (they have the best ice ever), but of course, I am not indulging in laundry detergent. My doctor is having tests run on my blood work to determine whether I an anemic, which can cause pica. It's not a dangerous condition, but I do need to make sure that Torin and I are well nourished.

Now, it's time for me to get back to The To-Do List of All To-Do Lists...