Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On my last Tuesday as a childless woman...

...I went to my last prenatal doctor's appointment. Joey was with me. It was determined that my cervix is still "unfavorable." In other words, it is not dilated or effaced at all. Therefore, my induction plan is changing a bit. I will now go in to the hospital on Monday, October 4, at 5:00 pm to begin receiving Cervidil, which will hopefully ripen my cervix. Then the actual induction will begin the next morning, October 5, around 7:00.

Otherwise, today and this evening will be low key. I'll take a nap in a few minutes, and then Joey and I will eat dinner and probably watch television.

Torin is in a head-down position, which is good news, but I still fear the need for c-section, because many inductions statistically end this way. I will try not to let this fear overshadow these next few days.