Friday, September 3, 2010

About the third TRY-mester...

I took a sick day today. I woke up feeling nauseated and gagging. I also had a bit of a fever. After a few hours' more sleep, I ended up feeling okay. Joey made banana nut muffins, so I had three of them for lunch--dee-lish.

This third trimester is weird. I can't get a good handle on it. I still enjoy being pregnant at this point, but the aches and pains and sleeplessness are getting me down. I want to relish this time of my life because I'll have a first pregnancy only this once, but these recent symptoms are tough to deal with.

I am still going to try my best not to wish away these final weeks of pregnancy. I want to appreciate every kick I feel, every daydream I have, every glance at my growing belly. Besides, on the organization and preparation front, I still have plenty to do. So here's to hoping for another six weeks of having an "inside" baby!