Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stranger Danger!

Well, it has officially begun. Torin is now scared of people he doesn't know. Gone are the halcyon days in which he would beam while anyone held him. Now he sticks out his bottom lip and wails until Mommy or Daddy takes him back. Our poor friend Sarah C. was the first to experience this, last night. It's unfortunate that it started with her; she's been one of Torin's biggest admirers, although she rarely sees him.

In better news, our Pookie is finally sitting up unassisted (if only for a few seconds or a minute or so at a time). Once we hone this skill a bit more, we can finally introduce him to his convertible car seat and the world of shopping cart seats and restaurant highchairs.

Everything is happening so slowly, it seems, but I know I'll reflect upon this time later on and realize just how quickly Pookie is growing up.