Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another milestone!

As of tonight, it is finally official: We have a crawler!

We knew it was coming. Torin had been "army crawling" for a couple of weeks, and within the past few days, he had been working on coordinating his leg movements with his arm movements.

I'd post some pictures or a video, but my phone was stolen today while we were at the Dallas Comic Con, so I couldn't capture any media that is easy to upload. I did catch the first crawling episode with our real camcorder, so I hope to upload that footage soon.

Oh, and Torin is still pulling himself up to standing and is very proud of himself every time he does it. But of course, his mommy and daddy are quite proud, too.

This parenting thing brings with it a certain type of pride I've never before experienced. Here's to many, many more days--and years--filled with such pride.