Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well, Pookie, it's been six months already!

Can you believe it? You were born half a year ago today! Sometimes it seems like it has already been years since we first met; other times, it feels like only a few weeks have passed.

These days, you're doing more and more big-boy stuff. You can hold your own bottle (sometimes), you can pet one of our more tolerant kitty cats, you can melt hearts with your laughs, you can fall asleep on your own in your crib, you can bear weight on your legs for several seconds at a time. All of these things sure do make a mommy proud, but they also make a mommy sad--sad that her little baby is growing up so very quickly.

On a heavier note, you're having your first (and hopefully your last) surgery in the morning. It's minor day surgery, but it requires general anesthesia. It goes without saying that I am terrified. I don't want to hand off my little Pookie tomorrow and make him go through surgery without his mommy by his side. I don't want to see my Pookie feeling bad and hurting when he's in the recovery room. It's all too much for me to think about.

I know you will sleep soundly tonight like the growing boy you are. I, however, will toss and turn and fret as dawn approaches. So sleep tight, Pookie, and let me take care of you. Here's to many, many more months and years of a worried mommy and a thriving son.

I love you.