Sunday, April 3, 2011

Approaching the half-way mark!

Torin will (already) be six months old this coming Wednesday. I simply cannot believe it!

Not much has been going on lately. We're still trying to ease into the solid foods, as Torin doesn't really seem to be into them too much just yet, although you can't tell from this photo:

Sorry, I know a lot of people don't like pictures of babies eating, but I have to show off Pookie's mommy-like smile!

Yesterday, we took Torin for his professional 6-month photo shoot. Mommy and Daddy joined in for a couple of pictures, too. We can't wait to see Pookie's cuteness captured with quality equipment. Of course, I'll be posting those photos here as soon as we get them! In the meantime, here he is with Daddy, just after the shoot:

Torin seems like a completely different baby than he was 6 months ago. He doesn't look anything like that tiny little boy I gave birth to. And he is so much happier nowadays, always smiling and laughing! I am trying to appreciate every little moment I get with Pookie, because he'll be in high school before I know it.