Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walk this way!

Last Thursday night (3 nights ago), we got a tremendous treat when Torin took several steps on his very own for the first time ever! He even repeated the feat then, only to fall and hit his head on the tile floor afterward (poor guy). And, well, tonight, he was at it again, taking 3-4 steps at a time. Even though we don't have any recorded proof yet, I'm making it official: Torin has walked!

This weekend was full of fun stuff for Pookie. We had a play date with his friend from daycare, Morris, on Saturday afternoon. He and Morris are like peas and carrots. Morris hugged Torin at one point, and Torin, not knowing what to do in return, fell against Morris happily. They both had a great time, eating snacks and playing with Morris's toys. I hope this is the first of many play dates for them.

Later in the day on Saturday, we met Andrew, Jennifer, Preston, Sarah C., and Hannah at the Plano Balloon Festival. It was hotter and more crowded than we expected, so we didn't stay too long. But it was good to see friends and watch Preston and Hannah play on the blow-up rides. Because the weather was unpredictable, we didn't really get to see any hot-air balloons, unfortunately.

Tonight, I guess all the walking made Torin thirsty, because he quickly learned how to use his new sippy cup with a straw. Within just a couple of minutes, he was slurping down water like a pro while he munched on his Cheerios.

It was a tiring but fulfilling weekend, to be sure. As we count down the days to Pookie's first birthday, we cherish every moment we have with our growing baby, who will be a toddler in mere days.