Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our first family Christmas!

Today was a busy day for Torin! After giving Mommy and Daddy their Christmas gifts at midnight (a book about Metropolis and Martina McBride concert tickets, respectively), he went to bed; slept a sound, solid nine hours; and then woke up happy. He ate, put on his "My First Christmas" outfit, and went to his grandparents' house, where he proceeded to eat and sleep and eat and sleep throughout the day and evening. All that attention wore him out!

My little Pookie made out like a bandit, as they say, when it comes to gifts. He got an ExerSaucer, his "first cell phone," some blocks, and lots of teething toys. Of course, he can't use many of these things yet, but he gets closer and closer each day. He's growing like you wouldn't believe.

But Mommy and Daddy had the best present of all this year: Torin himself. It has been such a joy to finally spend Christmas as our own little family. In the coming years, Christmas will only get more magical, and I can't wait to see it all through the eyes of our precious boy.

The happy family.

The greatest gift anyone could ever receive.