Saturday, November 20, 2010

Six weeks down...

I can't believe Torin is already six weeks old. He's no longer a newborn. Although I should be sad about how quickly he's growing, I am actually looking forward to the time when he's three months old. At that age, he should be outgrowing his colic and becoming more interactive.

During the few moments each day in which Torin is happy, he is a heart-melting joy to be around. However, he spends most of his waking hours crying uncontrollably. We just began a course of Zantac treatment, and we've switched his formula. We hope these things will help him feel better and be the happy baby he should be.

Grandpa Brian is visiting us right now. In fact, when he arrived today, he finally got to see Torin for the first time. Torin has already taken to his Grandpa and often stops crying when he's in Grandpa's arms. A combination of Grandpa's love, and antacid, and a gentler formula should calm our colicky Thor. I hope.