Sunday, October 3, 2010

On my last Sunday as a childless woman...

...I was productive! I cleaned a little, did all of our laundry, did some studying on the parenting gadgets we have accumulated (e.g., the "itzbeen" baby care timer and the bottle warmer), read a bit in my breastfeeding book, and put the finishing touches on the nursery. Joey assembled the furniture we bought yesterday, and he helped me clean up.

I had hoped to have a new phone that takes better pictures by now, but alas, I am still on a waiting list. Anyway, here are the low-quality pictures of Torin's room that I took today:

We're ready and waiting for our precious little boy to get here.

I talked with my mom on the phone for a little while today. She might be more nervous than I am! Of course, I am indeed nervous, but I have to keep reminding myself that thousands and thousands of women all over the world go through childbirth every day, and the odds are in my favor that everything will be fine.

This evening, before I watch all of my Sunday night television shows, I plan on making the symbolic switch from my beloved Coach purse to my diaper bag (I refuse to carry more than one bag at a time). The transition shouldn't be painful for me at all. I've had nine whole months to prepare for it.