Monday, June 7, 2010

Hot diggity dog!

I had a routine visit with the doctor today. All seems to be well. The baby's heart sounds good, and I've gained 7 pounds since I got pregnant. However, the size of my uterus--a key measurement in determining the baby's growth--is a bit ahead of schedule. Our boy is growing fast! My only concern about this is that babies tend to be larger if the mother has gestational diabetes, which commonly leads to Cesarean sections. I will be tested for gestational diabetes at my next visit, in 4 weeks, so we'll know more by then. The doctor is not concerned at all, so I guess I shouldn't be concerned either.

Also, I got some more good news from the doctor: I've been avoiding hot dogs and deli meat in vain. I had read in many places that pregnant women should avoid hot dogs because of the nitrates and uncooked deli meat because of the risk of listeriosis. However, my doctor isn't very concerned about these risks and said I can munch on these items in moderation, probably once a week. Five months of hot-doglessness is about to come to an end--woo hoo!!