Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 15, already!

Weight: 131 lbs.
Symptoms: gas, bloating, indigestion, fatigue, intermittent abdominal pains
Listening to: Lady Gaga The Fame Monster
Watching on TV: American Idol: Idol Gives Back

Because I found out so early on that I was pregnant (I was only a little over 3 weeks along), the first trimester seemed like it lasted for decades. Now that I'm in the second week of my second trimester, I can't believe how quickly the days are rushing past me.

I've got a visible baby bump now. Joey has been taking my picture almost every week since the beginning, and I hope to upload those pictures here soon.

My appetite is finally coming around. I thought I'd never get over that Easter stomach bug, but now food is a big priority for me. I still have those pesky food aversions, but at least my nose isn't as sensitive as it was in the first trimester. No more constant extreme nausea for me (although I do get a wave of it every now and again).

What are my cravings right now? I am addicted to Clementine mandarin oranges, cereal with whole milk, and COLD water (before pregnancy, I preferred only lukewarm water.) I'm also loving me some salmon and some tuna salad sandwiches, although I can have these items only twice a week because of their mercury levels. I'm still turned off by shrimp and spicy foods such as Indian, Mexican, and Asian cuisines, which is a bummer because those are perennial favorites of mine.